#Patched Community

Site is currently under construction as we move to a different server.

#Patched has been parts of conversations for over 2 years now,

“What if Everything and Everyone was in one place? No favorites, No ranking, No trophies, General knowledge from actual real people that know what their talking about. What if they consisted of all the people that go on camera?”

To finally see all those thoughts and ideas come together, and to join some of the largest names in the GTA V Glitching Community and watch as it finally all comes together is literally a dream come true. It only needed once last push for LoSt GliTches to put it all on the line and ask for everyone to come together. I use that name in 3rd person because of it’s Trademark, and anyone that knows me will vouch that I have no clue what in the world I’m doing. It’s been a vision of mine for the longest time, but it would never be what it is, and what it will be, without the gracious and selfless Members of it’s own Community Members, and the Contributors of the Glitching Community itself. Never thought I would care so much for 1,000’s of people I don’t know, and why would they care so much about someone else they don’t know….humanity still exists and I’m here to prove it. Modifications and updates happen every day, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

#Patched Community currently has no actual form to join , just a great big chatroom where I ask “What do I do now!?”. But yes eventually there will be a sign in form through the website, for legal reasons pertaining to the Community Giveaways. You must be 18 or older, and we will uphold the laws in which we are sustained and liable for, as we will be a trademarked Company soon to come. I put a few things you can have access to at the bottom of this page.