Donations and Sponsorships

Currently there’s 2 forms of donations to either “LoSt Glitches Personal” or the #Patched Community Account”.

An actual Sponsorship Program will be negotiated that may include perks from current Community Live Streamers.

Also perks within the Community itself, you’ll have a role in each concept set by the #Patched Community.

Highlighted YouTube names is something controlled by you because we have no option to control that aspect.

Giveaways to the Community will be given from you by you which can be negotiated through the Main #Patched Server.

You do not have to be part of the Program to Sponsor the Community. You may any time you choose in your own type of Giveaways (No In Game DLC Content)

Perks will also include the knowledge of the #Patched Business Account and its spendings on particular up grades, the Website, the Forum, anything utilized for the community at mind. Also Perks towards the Live Streamers including Up Grades in streaming equipment.

ie: El Gatos, PC Hardware, Year Memberships to Stream Labs, Blue Yeti Mics, PC Monitors, PC Surround Sound Systems.

The end game is to be as self efficient as possible with the utilization of ads added to the Forum, Website, and other concepts that allow the addition of these ads. So with more information from these ads if it requires actually looking at the ads and clicking on them it will be very appreciated.

The #Patched Paypal with turn Business, with particular buttons added in various locations on the site and forum, also coded into the bots on Discord. (I have to do it legit for the IRS, as it’s a community and not a singular person receiving tips. Means every 3 months I have to do the Taxes.)

LoSt Glitches Donations #Patched Community Donations

One thing im trying to make certain for the Sponshorship it’s more focused on the appreciation…with a little clout to you for supporting the community and what it has to offer in all it’s concepts. Their wont be any hidden webpages, or any “your not allowed to do that, or come here unless you donate” You’ll get nice little “Go Team” pat on the butt, and recognition in all the servers, website forum, your own highlighted role to stand out, and something from the streamers….still needs to be talked about when the time comes. But you’ll know how the money is spent, you’ll be part of the Giveaway to the Live Streamer, Your suggestions and opinions are put in to vote of others, because your the sponsor. It wouldn’t happen without you. The community wouldn’t be what it is today without it’s contributors….we’d be staring at a screen watching people play GTA like they do Fortnite. Thats sounds very entertaining…

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