PS4 Modded Jobs

All credits go to @husky_70 for providing the GTA V community with incredible content such as this:

Peter Griffin Rank Job:

Requires 2 people and started from an invite only session. 2 New accounts running together take about 32-35 hours to reach rank 120. Forcing the wins to a single account can take up to 24 hours to reach rank 120. Just wrap your left joystick up with a rubber-band. If you want to force the wins, wrap left joystick up and right joystick left or right (spinning) Link Here

MKII Weapons Ammunition:

You must own the weapons to use this job.
Destroy the crates in front of you and you will get full ammo of the weapon that drops out. Use a car if they don’t break…Link Here

Paramedic Outfit:

When you load into the job, put on a pair of glasses then leave the job. Link Here

Noose Outfit:

Host gets Police, second player gets N.O.O.S.E fit. Open Interaction menu, go to Style – Accessoires – Gear and press D-PAD LEFT one time! Leave through Phone. Link Here

Dufflebag jobs:

Blue-Yellow , Blue-Digital , Orange , Camo 3 , Camo 3 , Camo 5 , Pink Yellow Purple , Red , Blue , Green Camo , Green , Brown Camo


Pink/Red , Yellow/Green , Blue/Grey