Glitch Forum

#Patched Community Concept #3 – Glitch Forum (Under Construction)The current forum may be changed at anytime once more research has been put in. Glitch Forum will come at a different angle. While the most famous forum for GTA Glitches is 7sins, the website is categorized by The Game, rather than the glitch itself. 7sins has and will always be utilized by old and new Glitchers because of its archives used be the actual Glitcher. 7sins is a library. They keeps all posts, even if labeled patched, going back years and years from the beginning of the first glitch…I think.

Glitch Forum will be broken down and categorized by the glitch, just one step closer, a tiny bit. One thing that may, which is still talked about, is the know. You will know who posts the glitch and random accounts will not be allowed. You will know where to go to find these people because a specific Discord Server will be built just for real time questions and answers, rather than by post or comment. No one person will be ridiculed for their knowledge or labeled a “noob”. We were all once noobs. The Postee will be knowledgeable, because most will have years experience and a trust upon them to bring what they have researched, their trial and errors, their split second answers that are true and not looked up, but even to the extent that a Live Stream will be used performing the glitch.

The forum will have no ranking system or trophies, thats where forum’s go wrong. It gives a random user attention who knows nothing about the glitch. Just attention seekers who have no clue what the are talking about. The Founder will be acknowledged in our forum because we would like to see more of these glitches and to give thanks for what the have provided the community.

No trophies, no nada, but the top ranking person within the Chatroom may have an auto invite into #Patched Monthly Giveaways…wink wink. More ideas to come…you can watch the process.

LoSt GliTches Head of Networking and Social Communications for The #Patched Community 2/7/21